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5 Easy Steps to Build Your Own Custom DIY Pontoon Boat

Boats can be a lot more, and many of you want to build your own pontoon boat. We all have a perspective that pontoons boats are slower one. It is usually true if you buy this kind of boat, but recently a pontoon boat was ranked on number five from the top 10 fastest boats.

This is only because it was not a usual but a customized one. Yes, you can build your own boat, and in this content, you hopefully get to know how to build a pontoon boat. As a full fledge detail of DIY pontoon boat will be given. With the help of DIY boat, you will be able to build your own boat all according to your choices.

As a person who reckons a floating structure should demonstrate the personality of an owner vividly, similar to a pine tree’s reflection on a landscaped lake, I am sure that I will choose DIY boat if I ever had a chance. Whenever you decide to build your own pontoon boat, you will not only get the satisfaction of completing your project but also will have to make your own boat using DIY boat all according to your interests, desires, and needs.

Now without any further ado, captain, let’s take you on a literary voyage regarding how to build your own pontoon boat for fast speed leisure.

5 Easy Steps to Build a Pontoon Boat of Your Own

You will need to see and go through several steps as for DIY Pontoon boat it is a must. Let’s proceed:

1-Get A Kit or Go 100% DIY

diy pontoon boat

First of all, you will need to learn about how much guidance you need building your own pontoon boat. Both do it yourself, or DIY boat and boat building kits choices give you the freedom to bring your idea or dreams to life.

There are several brands from where you buy a kit to build your own pontoon boat. These are:

However, the DIY boat might require a little more effort as well as experience. For this reason, the already designed kit is more valuable because of the fact that you can insert your personal touches on things and less confusion would be created.

  • Aloha
  • Manitou
  • Sun Tracker
  • Cypress Cay
  • U-Fab
  • Harris

From these DIY boat kits, you can get more ideas. After you choose the kit now, you will need to get into the interior and exterior features of your pontoon boat.

2-Search Pontoon Engine Options

build your own pontoon boat

Browsing a good engine is essential when you are building a boat using DIY boat method. A high-speed craft will not be capable of skimming the waves as fast as the South Bay 925CR. Engines come in the different type of shapes and sizes, from the engines which contain fuel efficient electronic fuel injection system to the ones having a diesel with carbureted fuel systems.

While deciding about your engine while building a pontoon boat through this DIY boat method, you will not only have to take speed or leisure under consideration but weight and horsepower too.

3-Choosing A Hull and Construction Material

build a pontoon boat

Now when you are done knowing how fast you desire to be navigating the waters on your pontoon in the making from the DIY boat approach, you can pay attention to your boat’s design.

You are not recommended to rush into selecting the primary construction material and Hull. These choices will surely have a significant impact on your homemade pontoons so don’t forget to do a research before making a decision.

The hull you will need while making your pontoon from DIY boat technique must suit the size of your boat and its usage. You can choose the hull when you build a pontoon boat from four main types of hull:

  • Semi-displacement.
  • Medium displacement.
  • Heavy displacement.
  • Planning hull.

After you choose perfect hull for your pontoon, you can buy other boat material too. In the DIY boat, aluminum is an appealing material for the ones who want maximum power from their vessels. Similarly, fiberglass and composite wood panels are also attractive material you can buy while building your own pontoon boat.

4-Exterior and Interior Design

build a pontoon

While choosing these designs while DIY boat, you must keep three factors in your mind; personality, comfort, and functionality. You might use drink holders, comfortable seating, and grab rails for your interior design and elements. On the other hand, curved corners and a sculpted outside structure will help to handle high speed plus make your look attractive.

If you would choose to build a pontoon boat with the help of kit, they will also give you some suggestions for both exteriors and interior designs which are:

  • Panel colors.
  • Underwater lighting.
  • Flooring.
  • Furniture.
  • Accent color.

Selecting packages from a brand while DIY boat can help you to save your money as these will include essential interior and exterior features.

5-Test Drive Your Homemade Pontoon Boat.

build a pontoon boat

When you are done with above cited every step, you now will have to play a role of the captain of your custom pontoon boat. Testing your well-built DIY boat will give you the opportunity to experience how quickly your pontoon gains momentum and how economical the fuel is. After making your own boat and testing if you feel any problem, you can ask from a professional. You can take help from the person from where you bought your DIY boat kit or any boat repairer. 

This will ensure that while driving your pontoon boat, you will not face any problem and smoothly enjoy your ride. Inspecting the propeller prelaunch and washing the salt residue on your homemade pontoon with a soft bristle brush is also very important. Buying the highest quality material from a good supplier and an accelerated motor will make sure that the finished outcome is a real flying machine and perfectly built. By following all these steps, you will hopefully get a perfect result, the one you desired for.

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