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Buying boats is often a difficult thing to do and it always depends upon the type of boat and the need of it. Brand new boats are obviously a bit more expensive than old models but some big old models can be a bit more expensive than new ones. So you have to be clear on your part that what type of boats you actually need for yourself.

Mostly all over the world people go for Pontoon boats so here in this article we have decided to discuss the cost of different pontoon boats so that you can buy the best pontoon boats for you.

On an average note brand new pontoon boats cost between 15,000 to 65,000 dollars. The price depends and varies on the features of the boat that include designs, engine capacity, build quality, and type. The most popular model all over the world by the pontoon boat manufacturers is the 22’ pontoon which has 115hp powerful engine. Pontoon boat manufacturers have also given 90hp engine in this model.

Buying new pontoon boats is very much difficult because of the rules by the pontoon boat manufacturers. Most of the pontoon boat manufacturers do not allow the retailers to give out advertisements regarding the price of the best pontoon boats. This rule bounds the retailers to sell out the best pontoon boats on the decided price by the company, doing this allows the other potential buyers to get a detailed survey of all the boat market and to get the boat on a fair price. This gets the price down instead increase. As customers will tend to go to the lowest one of they will simply be scattered in all the market when the prices are same. Some pontoon boat values are given by the boat manufacturers such as Avalon, they show the suggested prices by the companies themselves but these are usually higher than a negotiable deal in the market.

Best Vale Pontoon Boats 2019!

pontoon boat values

 In this article, we will show you the pontoon boat values which we have collected from various retailers. This will give you a rough idea of what you might have to pay for a model of pontoon boat. The pontoon manufacturers have set prices differently for different countries. Obviously, the prices vary a lot but don’t worry the information that we have collected here for you will surely help you to get the best pontoon boat for yourself. When you will look back at the time when you must have read this article you will thank us.

Keep one thing in mind before reading below that the prices here we have mentioned are not hard and fast for all over the world rather they will give you a rough estimate of what you have to pay. These prices include standard features of a boat.

Let us give you the average quotations by different retailers.

  • 18’ Fisher Pontoon with a 60hp engine and spare brakes and spares will cost you around 20,000 dollars.
  • 20-foot pontoon boat also known as the 22RF Fishing Pontoon G3 Suncatcher will cost you around 29,000 dollars. And the same model with a 90hp engine will cost you around 27,000 dollars to be exact.
  • 22’ Bentley Pontoon boat that comes with a 90hp engine and a beautiful design will cost you around 30,000 dollars.
  • 22’ Sweetwater champ also known as pontoon party boats head costs you around 32,000 dollars.
  • 22’ Lowe SF232 that is also included in the list of best pontoon boats also comes with a 115hp engine and costs around 30,000 dollars. And the same model that comes with a 150hp engine has a fair price of around 32,000 dollars. These are the best ones in the 20ft pontoon boat team.
  • The next executive type, the famous five-year-old 22’ sun tracker triton with a powerful 150gp engine has a rough price of around 28,000 to 30,000 dollars.
  • The pontoon manufacturers have charged 27,000 dollars for the famous one-year-old 22’ sweet water with a 115hp engine.

These were the rough prices of some famous and the best pontoon boats that we have collected so far. So if you were thinking of how much does a pontoon boatcost now you know roughly how much is a pontoon boat.

How Much Do Pontoon Boat Accessories Cost?

  1. The famous and the much needed Bimini cost you around 700 dollars, in best pontoon boats 2018 a spare Bimini used to some with boats.
  2. Camping covers for multi-day trips will help you cover all the boat and will keep it costly. This cover will cost you around 2,000 dollars.
  3. A wireless motor guide that available as a built-in feature in best pontoon boats costs around 2,000 dollars.
  4. If you are a fisherman than you would be glad to know that a fishing live well can cost you around 200 to 1000 dollars depending on the model of pontoon you have.
  5. Ski tow bars depending on the models will cost you around for 200 to 700 dollars.
  6. Speakers and heavy sound systems will cost you around 150$.
  7. Some people like to change their carpeted flooring to vinyl and it’s good though as you can easily maintain the hygiene of the boat by doing so. This costs you around 300 to 1500 dollars depending on the material and style you opt for yourself.

So here we have given you all the rough costs for all important pontoon brands and pontoon boat cost must be clear to you now. You can also see pontoon boat reviews on the web and can get the best pontoon boats with the highest acceptance rate.

Pontoon boat values will stick around these ranges so get the complete information and get a nice pontoon boat for you and your family. And hey! Don’t forget to pay the taxes on your boat and your trips or else you can get into trouble. Give us your feedback!

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