boat propeller repair

The Ultimate Guide While Selecting the Boat Propeller!

When it comes to a boat propeller, you will find it as a mechanical fan which passes on the power by forcing movement through driving force. Boat propeller is used to move from one place to another through the sea. With the passage of time, the importance of it has been increased. […]

how to get a boating license

How to Get a Boating License?

Under 18 people cannot run a boat or ski jet because it’s unlawful. If you are interested in running a boat or ski jet you must have a boating license. To get a boating license, it’s necessary to have knowledge about its course and get through a test. If you […]

towable tubes

Best Towable Tubes and Tips To Ride Towable Tubes

Boating is one of the most enjoyed sports today. And it should be because it’s all about fun. The water, the aquatic life, the speedboats, the decks, and the company of friends is what one asks for. Imagine yourself what more can you ask then to flip a friend at […]

boating knots

Tie Boating Knots Step By Step Guide

In boating, different types of boating knots can be used with different techniques. A first knot surely is adequate to fix two pieces of rope for boating. There should be a purpose of joining the knots with each other. The knot you use is based on how you tie it […]

fish finder transducer

Simple Tips to Install a Fish Finder on Pontoon Boat

How to install a fish finder on a pontoon boat is a question which confuses the people a lot. People always remain in the solution of how to install a fish finder on a pontoon boat. Installing a fish finder indicates that you are planning to enjoy your fish tour […]

pontoon boat seats

Top 5 Pontoon Boat Seat Brands and Their Reviews

You always choose a comfortable option when you go to buy sofas or other seating stuff from any brand. Similarly, pontoon boat seats are significant, and you must purchase the most comfortable one. Undoubtedly, wise boat seats have immense importance, but they also are one of the expensive parts of boats. You […]

best pontoon boats

Best Value Pontoon Boat 2019

Buying boats is often a difficult thing to do and it always depends upon the type of boat and the need of it. Brand new boats are obviously a bit more expensive than old models but some big old models can be a bit more expensive than new ones. So […]