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Boat seats are important when you are planning a sea trip. The more seats you have more friends or persons you can carry and more adventurous the trip will be. Well, of course, it’s not the case if you’re on a family trip or a date with your partner. But talking generally about sea trips people tend to take more with them they say the more the better. It is because of some reasons, it can be because you can get into a mishap on your trip and at times like that and in a place like sea where you have nothing to help yourself you must have some support to work out a solution to your problem. Moreover, you will only enjoy when you have company on a sea trip.

Sharing a good time at sea with friends is a dream of every boater or shipman. It’s obvious that it makes the trip more enjoyable and memorable. Some people buy boats for the purpose of spending quality time with family and some for fun trips. But the most important thing in both of the situations are the seats of the boat. The boat bench seats must be very comfortable and spacious because you don’t know what company you are going to have and what fun are going to have.

A little information about boats and ships is that the longest ship ever built is 1504 feet long and is named as Seawise Giant. It carries thousands of passengers on an aquatic trip.

Boats and ships are usually a little expensive to travel in that are why people look forward to the seating capacity of a boat and its compact size that can fit into the local boat trailer.

While buying or renting a boat you must have some trips planned in your mind and the people you are going to take with you on those trips. Now you don’t have to worry about the boat seats because we are going to make you think out of the box and carry more passengers then you can imagine.

But there are some calculations you have to take into account while planning the seating capacity of a boat. Overloading can easily let you to sinking so you must know the specific number of people or weight you can carry on your boat.

How Many People Can You Carry On Your Boat?

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Keep one thing in mind that these are not hard and fast rules for seating capacity but we are giving you here some rough ideas based on calculations and experience on some boats. Well, some 25 ft. boats are capable of carrying around 13 to 15 persons along with the baggage and fuel. You must check the recommendation of the boat makers and make sure you care the weight they have recommended and one thing more than make sure that your boat seats are spread out evenly on the boat deck so that when people sit on the boat bench seats the weight gets evenly distributed.

When you install boat seats on your boat make sure of the following things:

  • The weight capacity allowed on your boat by the manufacturer.
  • How much the items on your boat weight already excluding the persons.
  • How much the additional boat seats will weight.
  • How many people can enjoy a trip with you on your boat?
  • How to keep your overall weight distributed all over the deck.

Boat Seating Options!

Boat Bench Seats

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Boat bench seats are the basic and standard type of seating you can place in a boat. Boat bench seats are available in a variety of sizes. They vary from around 2 ft. to 5 ft. in length. The most common boat bench seat is of 36 inches. You can get their prices on the web and one more thing, you can get used boat seats if you are finding some cheap stuff. So if you don’t find cheap boat seats go for used boat seats.

If you are shopping online you have to buy the base of the boat seats separately so you have to buy both of them separately.

The Captain’s Chair

The best boat seat on a boat is the captain’s seat as you get to steer the boat from there. This seat must be permanently installed on your boat and it’s non-removable like other seats. Boat captains chair is the stylist seat of them all.

Boat Cooler Seat

Boat cooler seats are one of the most practical and mature seating styles that are available for your boat in the market. You can get boat cooler seats easily over the web and you have to get its base along with it. They are a bit expensive but are really comfortable.

Center Console Boat Seating

Center console boat seats are for the famous British boat that has single deck opening. In this boat, the console is in the center of the boat. There are some cabins in these models and so you can get center console boat seats for comfort that can be retractable and foldable so that you can also rest or sleep on them. These are easily available on the web and you can also search for used boat seat for sale.

DIY Boat Seats

DIY boat seats are the customize boat seats made of wood. You can design them according to your need and can make them yourself or with the help of an expert.

Boat Lounge Seats

Boat lounge seats are the executive seating styles in a boat. These lounge seats are actually sofa seats for your deck. They come in different colors and styles. You can easily get them on your deck by online shopping. You can also get discounts if you buy them in bulk. These are like boat chairs, removable and moveable.

So if you are planning to get seating done in your boat then you must buy the best boat seats according to your boat’s capacity and model. The best ones are mentioned above.

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