how much does a boat cost

Ever thought of how much does a boat costs? Never? Don’t worry we will tell you how much does a boat costs. First of all one thing should be clear that what kind of boats you are talking about. Boating is a wide term. You can get a 20 dollar boat and call yourself a boat owner or you can get a 50,000 yatch and call yourself the same. The choice is yours. It all depends on your budget, your choice of boats, your need for it and the trips you are planning on it. The question doesn’t ends on how much is a boat cost. Cost of a boat must also include the maintenance charges the storage charges the trailer charges, everything that comes in the way must be counted to get the cost of owning a boat.

It’s impossible to answer the question, how much do boats cost or how much boat can I afford? No, until and unless you specify yourself you are not going to get any idea of the cost of boat ownership. As we told earlier the cheapest boat can be of 20 dollars on which you have to paddle yourself and the expensive one can be of 9 billion dollars in which you have to pay the salaries of 6000 crew. So now you see how much is a boat Before asking how much does a boat costs first let us know what kind of boat do you want. Only after then we can tell the new boat pricing or used boat pricing.

Now don’t get upset we are not going to let you close this tab we will give you rough estimates of the boats owned by most of the majority in the world. These top models are the pontoon boat, the outboard motor boat, and the inboard motor boat.

Pontoon Boat!

how much is a boat

The price that we have seen an average of a brand new boat is around $35,000. The size of this boat is around 23 ft. This boat is often seen on lakes and riversides especially around America. Pontoon boats vary in price as they have different price ranges for different models. You can easily get pontoon boats within the range between ten to fifty thousand dollars. Used boat pricing is lower than new boat pricing but it also depends on the models and the comfort of the boat. so opt for the best models.

Motorboats with Outboard Motors!

how much boat can i afford

So you must be thinking up till now that why are boats so expensive but you are wont to believe that 20 grand is nothing for a good boat. a motorboat having an outboard motor and which has no cabin is often known as speedboats. These small speed boats for sale are often on the web. The average cost of gas per year is around twenty grand. The newest and fastest model’s costs around thirty grand. These are high-performance boats and have day styles which give them a sexy look. But if you are looking for a boat to cater your family and friends speedboats are not the right choices.

Large Boats

new boat pricing

Inboard motorboats also knew as cruisers and sailboats are more commonly used to carry more people. Adventure trips that are planned for a day or night are usually planned on these boats. These boats are around 25ft. of length and can carry your friends and family easily. These boats have smooth drives and have efficient engines but are expensive so if you are thinking how much is a sailboat then we have news for you, these boats cost hundreds of thousand dollars. So now you know how much does a boat costs.

What Next!

Keep in mind that after purchasing a boat the first part of the question how much does a boat cost is answered the rest of the other parts are yet to be answered. As after purchasing the boat you have just touched the how of how much does a boat costs? The other costs that you have to bear are as under:

Average Storage Cost!

It’s a fact that you can always keep your boat in the water. You have to keep the boat somewhere safe when you are not planning out an aquatic trip and not using it. Now there is a possibility that the size of your boat allows you to get your boat parked in your property after getting it on a trailer to your house. But this is not the case with sailboats. They are large in size and you cannot possibly put them on a trailer and move them to your house. You can only do this to small speedboats.

So you have to park your boat in the local parking or storage area in the local marine. The rates are different for different compartments depending on the size of your boat. it can take up to 3500 to 15000 dollars per year to keep your boat safe in a storage area.

Boat Trailer

How much does a boat costs will be answered completely when you will buy a trailer to carry your boat. This trailer on average costs you around 5000 dollars. So this is also one of the regular expense you have to bear.

Fuelling and Protection!

Obviously, if you have a boat you must have calculated the average cost of gas per year for the boat and if not then we will tell you. According to reports, an average amount spent on boat fuel per year is around 20 grand per year and this is a lot of money folks. You have to get ready for it. For a single trip, it will cost you around 300 dollars.

Moreover, you have to buy cover sheets and other protection stuff for your boat to protect it from weather damages. This protection will cause you around 5000 to 10000 dollars. So calculate all of these costs before deciding what to buy and whether to buy or not.

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