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How to Use Floating Docks with Your Boat

The people who own a boat must have an idea regarding dock. You especially will require to use a dock floating kit when you want to board your boat. Similarly, when you are keeping your boat on the place where the level of water is a stable one and never rises or falls you will use a floating dock.

If you are in looking for purchasing a floating dock whether as a replacement of your old one or are bound to buy floating boat dock because you have purchased a new boat, then you must spend some of your time from your busy life to find out the best floating dock for your boat. You can choose an inflatable floating dock and a plastic flocking dock as well.

By going through the content, hopefully, you will be able to make the best decision about your floating dock. Let’s starts with the answers to the questions which are most frequently asked about floating docks.

Introduction: What Is a Floating Dock

Difference Between Pier, Dock, And Wharf

Many people get confused between the difference between the three terms; dock, pier, and wharf. The simple answer to it is the “size.”

Wharves are large in size, and these are especially used in commercial shipping plus are have a solid design which acts as a breakwater.

On the other hand, Piers comes in a range of sizes; you can find out a large pier which can accommodate a big cruise ship and can also get a pier for your family motorboat. You can fix them fast to pylons or can even float according to the rise and fall of the ride but enables waters to flow freely.

If we talk about a single floating dock then mainly it refers to a small platform introduced to serve a moderate-sized boat. This means that a floating boat can be used on a small pontoon as well as a yacht.

However, if a person says floating docks, then they might mean a huge network of anchorages and ships.

Difference Between Floating Docks and Fixed Docks

Well, you can guess the biggest difference between them from their names, floating dock floats and the other fixed ones don’t.

Undoubtedly fixed docks are a stable and reliable platform when the water level does not change such as in lacks and some rivers.

However, in the majority of the areas water levels and tides keep on changing from high to low so getting a floating dock is a better option.

Advantages of Floating Dock

 Other than only floating according to the water levels there are many benefits you can get after getting a floating dock whether by a DIY floating dock or buying floating dock kits.

The major benefits you can get after getting a floating dock is that you can remove it partially as well as the whole of it whereas a fixed one is difficult to move.

Furthermore, floating boat docks are usually an affordable option than a permanent dock and need less energy in installation.

Buying a floating boat all according to the size of your boat gets installed, and you can start using it in a day. From these three advantages of dock floating, you yourself can conclude that floating dock is the best choice when it comes to docks.

Cost of Floating Dock

As earlier cited that floating boat docks cost less than a fixed one. What consumer surplus you are expecting buying a floating dock for yourself?

Well, the price of your floating dock might cause fluctuation. It might be $600 especially if you prefer already used dock floats or can be $6000.

You only have to keep in mind that mostly a floating dock will cost you about $20 to $35 per square foot.

However, if you want to get a floating boat by 100% DIY floating dock method, then you can buy a floating dock kit and save some money.

The Best Kinds of Floating Docks

A floating dock which is large for your boat and stable for the people can be considered the best choice. But the floating boat docks do not come in a single material, and you can choose between many types.

The most used floating dock materials are:

  • Plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Wood

1-Plastic Floating Docks

floating boat docks

A plastic floating dock is made up of plastic. You can obtain this kind of floating docks from EZ dock. You might not find out a good looking floating dock which comes in wood but this type of both most affordable and does not rust.

UV treated plastic might endure some sun damage like cracking so you might have to replace such type of floating dock after several years.

2-Aluminum Floating Docks

floating docks

This type of floating dock is very famous because of their durability. Aluminum floating dock can be worn down with time as it has resistance to corrosion but not is impervious to it. You can buy these type of floating docks by Rolling barge.

3-Wood Floating Docks

floating docks

A wooden floating dock has the best looks, and this is the main reason everyone adores it. You yourself can see some beautiful floating boat docks from Great Northern docks. Wood can be considered a classic one from dock materials, and it naturally floats. Moreover, this kind of a floating dock is a durable one, and you can also cut the shape of the wood easily. However, the cost of this floating dock can be high, but they do not need much maintenance.

The inflatable floating dock is usually made because of recreation; you use it for a recreational boating excursion. These kind of floating docks are not durable and are temporary ones. They don’t provide your boat much security. These are some types of floating docks you can take under your consideration while deciding the best kind of it for your boat.

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