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Ever thought of getting stuck in the middle of the sea because of a bad outboard motor? The least that would happen is that you’ll be stranded without any help and it will surely not be very pleasant. So it’s better to ensure the selection of an efficient and durable outboard motor instead of crying in the middle of the sea. You must also take proper care of your motor so that it doesn’t let you down on your aquatic adventure.

There are some parameters which can affect the motor of your boat so you must choose your outboard motor in accordance with them.

The Boat’s Size!

small outboard motors

Choosing the right outboard motors can be very difficult, the same as it is while choosing a boat for your adventurous trips. So you must buy the outboard motor according to the size of the boat. You must not buy small outboard motors for big boats as small outboard motors cannot run the boat for a longer period of time as you have overloaded it already and eventually it dies. A size mismatch in the boat and outboard motor of a boat can always lead to a serious problem.

A small outboard motor can wear away very fast if it is placed on a large boat as it will surely overwork itself. It can also affect the boat’s plane. On the other hand, large motors in comparison with small boats can also wear off.

Types of Outboard Motors!

Outboards motors must be chosen very carefully in accordance to your boat. The two basic types of outboard motors are:

  1. Two-stroke outboard motors
  2. Four stroke outboard motors

According to sailors, the type of motor you choose depends on the boating style of a person. This is a fact and is a very true statement indeed. Let us tell you how with examples.

Two stroke motors are generally used for short trips or occasional trips which include fishing and hunting. This motor is very light in weight and is also cheap to buy. Furthermore, its maintenance and its repairing is very easy and budget friendly.

On the other hand, if you are looking forward to a long trip and a power performance then you should get a fine four stroke motor for your boat. It is not one of the cheap outboard motors but is surely one of the power performers.

The basic difference in two strokes outboard motor and four strokes outboard motor is that a two-stroke outboard motor works on gas and mob oil. These motors have better fuel economy but are not that powerful. The four-stroke motors, on the other hand, are more powerful and work on gas only.

Fuel Injection Types!

Outboard motors in boats use injection systems for injection and these are of three types:

Carburettor System for Injection:

These systems are a bit tacky and old. These are old-fashioned and have ruled the motor industry for a long time but they have some disadvantages. The biggest of them all is that they are not at all fuel efficient.

DFI or Direct Fuel Injection System:

The direct fuel injection system injects the fuel directly into the cylinders without any airflow.

EFI or Electronic Fuel Injection

Electronic fuel injection is the system which uses electronic systems for the injection of fuel and the airflow into the engine cylinders.

All of these injection systems of outboard motors have some advantages and disadvantages. The carburettor is the cheapest of them all but the other two are more efficient.

Horse Powers!

Horse powers of outboard motors must be according to the size of boats.

Smaller Boats:

Sailboats and canoes fall in this category. For lake boating and river boating, these boats are more widely used. You must have at least up to 10 horsepower outboard motor to get your ride ready.

Longer and Lighter Boats:

Boats that are of up to 15 ft. in length can need up to 20 horsepower range.

Heavy and Longer Boats:

Boats that are up to 25ft. long may need an outboard motor having up to 90 to 300 horsepower depending upon the activities you are planning on that boat.

Boats Over 25 Feet:

In these types of boats, you may need two outboard motors with 200 to 400 horsepower. This will help you cover the distances more quickly and efficiently.

The Best Outboard Motors in the Market!

There are some companies that have a well reputed name in outboard motors in the market. Some of them are:

Honda Outboard Motors:

honda outboard motors

Honda outboard motors have one of the best motor that is well known as Honda BF6. Its cost is around $2,150. It has many wonderful features and it has recently been updated. The updated model is not less than a pro itself.

Honda outboard motors prices vary from country to country.

Mercury Outboard Motors:

mercury outboard motors

Mercury outboards motors have the Mercury 115 as their top model, according to some reports the manufacturers of this motor told that it took them around two years to make this magnificent motor. This motor by the mercury outboard motors is very light and super smooth. The price is around 11,000 dollars.

Yamaha Outboard Motors:

yamaha outboard motors

Yamaha outboard motors have their Yamaha F250 as their top model. This motor is best for mid -sized boats and can cater up to a 30ft. boat easily. These are one of the most executive motors available in the market place. They cost you around 25,000 dollars. Don’t worry used Yamaha outboard motors are also available in the market?

Suzuki Outboard Motors:

suzuki outboard motors

Suzuki outboard motors have the Suzuki DF25 that brings sailors the best fuel efficiency and great power. It has an EFI system installed in it which makes it more efficient.

Other than these top models there are some other important and well repute outboard motors:

  1. Johnson outboard motors
  2. Evinrude outboard motors
  3. Tohatsu outboard motors by the Japanese.
  4. Craigslist outboard motors.

These are a bit cheap outboard motors.

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