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The Best Places to Live Aboard in a Boat

Living aboard boat hands over you with both privacy and freedom. Basically, it refers to endless opportunities for adventures and various recreations. It removes the burden of your natural stresses such as maintaining a property and yard. All you will have to take care of is about the maintenance of your boat and sometimes marina maintenance.

Many people including myself dream to live in a boat. No matter if you want to spend your time after retirement living on a boat full time or want to only live in a boat once, now you don’t have to worry about the place you can live your dream. If you are looking for perfect places for boat living, then you must keep reading as I’ll be telling everything, from the cost of living on a boat full time to the best place to live on a houseboat.

Before we move on directly to the places or areas, it is essential for you to know the method from which you can choose the best place for you to live in a boat.

Method to Select the Best Place to Live Aboard Your Boat

You must take care of some factors which will help you to enjoy living on a boat to its maximum. As life in a boat presents different kind of logistical challenges that must be addressed before you make the live abroad commitment.

Weather and Climate

living in a boat

Living on a boat full time is more challenging hence the weather of the water body is going to play a substantial direct role in your life than if you live on land areas. You will get affected from a low and high temperature to storms that can create dangerous surges while living on boat. Moreover, the changes in climate and even sudden weather incidents can cause a significant impact.

Different areas of the world experience extreme hot waves or cold fronted, several lakes along with river are prone to flooding, hurricanes or nor Eastern gales occurs on various coats, and numerous other weather patterns can create significant issues even if you tie your boat at the dock. If you have planned to live on a boat that sees extreme weather, then make sure have a place in the land area to which you can retreat. It’s not compulsory to be yours; this can be the home of a relative or friend.

If there is no house of any person you know, then you can rent out someplace for a short period and to where you can store a few required possessions. In the majority of the areas, you can safely live abroad a boat 365 days a year. For the days when you can’t live, have a second plan in place.

Kind of Water

live on a boat

The people who admire fishing in freshwater, then you surely belong living on a big river or lake. If you love cruising through the open ocean or are a person who is a deep-sea fisher, then the best place to live on a houseboat is near the coast. Living on a boat is one kind of water can be entirely different from the other one. For instance, every house is a house, but the lifestyle of living is different if the house is built on a mountain or in the desert, right?

So just choose the type of water you like first and then look for the place for your boat living near that water body.

Cost of Living in a Boat

living on a boat full time

Most of the people select to live abroad on a boat are because of its cost, it usually is quite cheaper as compared to the land one, especially if you are a boat owner. The cost of living in a boat might fluctuate from one place to another. For example, Florida charges a fair amount of fees attached with the liveaboard arrangement, but such kind of payment is not implemented in different parts of Pacific Northwest.

Moreover, the type of boat you have or are willing to buy also plays a huge role in your decision of places to live on a boat.

Best Places to Spend Your Life Aboard a Boat in The US

So finally you have made a plan to live on a boat, and you just are in the final stage of selecting the area where is it legal to tie up your boat. Most probably, after reading the information, you can easily find out the best place for yourself. The content would not contain every single place as countless interiors rivers and lakes provide viable live aboard choices.

What I am providing is the names of some areas with few significant regions of the country to get you thinking and exhilaratedwhere is it legal to tie up your boat.

Live Aboard in Corpus Christi, Texas.

best place to live on a houseboat

The most amazing thing about living on a boat in this area is that you will not have to face many laws against you as they are in factious of the live aboard boater. Today the waterfront areas in Corpus Christi comprises of different restaurants, nightlife opportunities, and shopping areas with affordable prices that might rise soon.

You have to pay $3,000 per year for living on a boat which is significant as 60 feet, which indicates that only $250 monthly.

Live Aboard in San Diego, California.

living in a boat

The climate of this area stays hot throughout the years, but while living on a boat, you would not face any unbearable hot weather. The regulations in the state are favorable for all the people living on boat. The place has some natural harbors in the south so releasing anchor offshore is illegal and you will be required to have a permanent home at a marina. The cost of living in a boat here is $1500, which can vary according to the size of the ship.

Live Aboard in Tampa Bay, Florida.

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This state gives a vast amount of places to live on a boat especially regarding climate and conditions. However, some costs and charges like insurance along with other laws can be burdensome you. If you decide to live on a boat here and have a 40-footer, then you will have to accrue $500 each month. However, it may increase if you decide to live on a boat closer to developed waterfronts. All these three states are my favorite top-picks for living on a boat and you can check them out.

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