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The 8 Big Benefits of Mini Pontoon Boats

There are abundant kinds of different pontoon boats; they all show up in different sizes and shapes. Among all these types, small pontoon boats have gained a lot of popularity in these recent years. But the question is what is the reason behind compact boats such recognition. These mini pontoon boats are not new into the market; in fact, they have been there for various years now.

In spite of that, most of us are now realizing that there are many advantages of driving these mini bass boats. You might always have read the quote “Bigger is better”, right? But when it comes to boats, this saying does not fit correctly! Not every person has similar need or taste, similarly not everyone like a full sized boat as they will rather reap the advantages of tiny pontoon boats.

Investing in a mini pontoon will provide you with benefits that you might not even have thought of. In this content, I will be demonstrating 8 of the most significant advantages of purchasing small pontoon boats.

But before we move on directly to the benefits of compact pontoon boats, let’s have a look at the sizes of small pontoon boats.

Diverse Sizes Of Small Pontoon Boats

Basically, there are three main types in which compact boats come in. The sizes comprise of narrow, mini, and compact. Regardless of the fact that all three of them share the similarity of being small and not full-sized pontoons, all of these have their own strengths plus specifications.


mini pontoon

This kind of small pontoons is the smallest one. It is utterly tiny around about 50 square feet! This surely is not the best kind of boat for a large family as it carries two people along with a cooler sometimes. Hence, it can be a perfect option for a couple.

If you do not need much space, then you will find it ideal for you. This small pontoon boat is such small that some of these do not consist of electronic water and have paddles in them. The single thing you must keep in mind is that mini boats are not for the open waters but fishing ponds.


small pontoon boat

As the name reflects, a narrow pontoon is narrower than the ordinary pontoon. This type of small pontoon boats will have a beam of around 7 feet while a regular pontoon has a beam of about 9 feet.

It’s this feature makes narrow boats to be the best small pontoon boats for boating in narrow water bodies like rivers.


best small pontoon boats

Such type of small pontoon boats will range from 10 feet to 20 feet in length with a beam of up to 8 feet. The deck of compact pontoons might vary from 100-170 Square feet.

These pontoons are large, therefore, are an optimal choice for a small family. So if you have four family members including you and want to go boating economically then it is an excellent option for you.

The 8 Significant Benefits Of Small Pontoons

This is most probably the part of the guide you were most keen to know. Now when you have a perfect knowledge regarding small pontoon boats, you must know the benefits of owning it as well.


Due to the small size of these pontoons; they don’t occupy very much space. This enables them to be stored in more cramped conditions as compared to a full-sized pontoon. This gives you more flexibility in deciding the place to store your pontoons.

Rather than buying winter storage, you can store your boat in your garage.

2-Environmental Friendly

This kind of pontoons are so tiny, they may or may not have a Diesel engine. Instead, some of them use electronic motors which do not damage the environment, the way other types of engines do.


A huge benefit of small pontoons boats is their stability. Because of the size of the ship, they generate a very small draft. They also contain small deck which prevents the boat from rocking. This keeps your equipment and you still. This helps to stop motion sickness and entitles you to boat more comfortably.

4-Horsepower Restriction

You might encounter that many lakes will have a restriction in horsepower because of the size or environmental rules. But as compact pontoons have less weight and lower horsepower, they can still catch up their sufficient speed.

5-Shallow Waters

The people who have access to ponds then mini pontoons are best for the situation as they don’t have affected by shallow waters.


My most favorite thing about tiny pontoons is that they have brilliant maneuverability. By boating through it, you don’t have to get frustrated for parking your small pontoon. Such boats are quite easy to handle.

Often with boats of the full size you can face trouble when trailering and docking due to their bulkiness which is overcome with small pontoon boats.

7-Best For The First-Time Owner

When it comes to the majority of things in life, it is mostly better to start small before bounding the big boys. Similarly, small boats are the best substitute for the people who desire to test the waters of boat ownership.

You will not have to make a hefty investment in buying a full-sized boat and will be able to get the experience of boat ownership. Along with it, you will gain valuable skills as well as the knowledge that comes with possession of a boat.

8-Lakes With Limits

With mini pontoon boats, you don’t have to worry about the local restrictions which are placed to protect waterways. As such boats are very practical for such conditions.

Best Small Pontoons Brands

Buying your small pontoon boat from a trustworthy brand is essential too, as quality always matters!

Here are names of some brands which you can check if you are in search of a compact pontoon boat:



•Pond King.

•Hot Wood.

•Gill Getter.

•Sunny days.

•Apex Marine

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